Continuously optimize knitting methods, tightness and direction. Not only have the softness like skin, still reduce the mutual interference of conductor piece effectively, achieve stable sound.

The use of single crystal copper silver conductor, low frequency has a certain subduction, not paste appears stuffiness, elasticity is good, at the same time the texture and details of the intermediate frequency processing in place.

Audio signal transmission is highly lossless, making the high frequency more delicate sweet resolution power, strong sense of space.

Silver-plated and copper belong to precious metals. Silver has stable chemical properties and good thermal and electrical conductivity in metals.

Copper is a soft metal with good ductility. Enhance the low-frequency transient response, reduce the high-frequency burr, improve the resolution power significantly, full-voice reduction.

Model: H8

Material: OCC & Sliver-plated Mixed Braided

Number of cores: 8 shares, single share is 19 cores, a total of 8 × 19.

Connector: MMCX/2pin 0.78mm

Plug:3.5mm audio/2.5mm balanced gold-plated plug

Cable length: 1.2M

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